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The Islands of the Guernsey Bailiwick lie on the south-western side of the English Channel and form a natural northerly rim to the "Golfe de St. Malo" - that wide expanse of gulf stream water captured in the pincer of the Normandy and Brittany coasts of nearby France.

At latitude 50 North, the Islands lie essentially within the mild westerly airflow that separates the sub-tropical high pressure belt to the south, and the more northerly track of Atlantic low pressure systems. They are offered protection by the English mainland some 60 miles to the north, and the much nearer French coastline to the east and south. 

The local climate is tempered by its maritime position and does not suffer the extremes of temperatures found in more landlocked areas but thanks to the shelter offered by their giant neighbours they escape the worst of the winds often associated with offshore locations. 

Channel Islands climate is therefore temperate in nature with mild damp cloudy winters and warm drier sunnier summers.

Annual Weather Report 2020 now available - 2020 Annual Wx Report.pdf